The Garage (Work Bench)

In my case it was a workshop – A stand alone building way out back away from the house and the neighbors. An escape from the real world of school, homework and chores for the kids.

It was extra special Dad Place because my Dad built it and when he passed on I moved back home with my family. My kids loved going out to the “shop” and doing whatever their imagination came up with.

This is the essence of Dad’s Work Bench. Always messy because its always being used. Nothing can be found yet everything is there, somewhere. When you look for something you find something else that’s really cool. Dad Cool.

The Boys want a workbench when they grow up and the girls want their husbands to have one so they can get stuff off of  it.

This Page is for the Dreamers in the Family. Inspired by Dad and His stuff, anything is possible.

Castles with moats, huge tree houses. Battle Fields and ball parks. Bike Jumps and grind rails. Bird houses, bows and arrows, swords and shields. Witches Cauldrons for magic potions that bubble and glow at night.

If you can dream it Dad can help Build it…

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