Fashion – What the Hell is that your wearing!

Specifically young men 14 and up  –  Young Men should look like men.

First let us define what a man should look like – A man should wear clean presentable cloths, not anything from any magazine in the check out area of a supermarket.

A man does not dress the way Fashion designers want them to dress. You do know that the male people in the fashion business prefer other men to be pretty so why would you dress up for them? Take a moment and think it through.

Next a man does not go to a hair salon or “stylist” for a hair cut. It is just a hair cut. no coloring, jell or frosted tips, Oh man it makes me want to puke. Lastly a man just needs to smell clean and rely on His natural smell, no lotions, cologne, body mist perfume – barf – barf – barf.

Bottom line is if you spend more time in front of the mirror than it takes a baseball player to run the bases after hitting a home run then you got some problems.

Now a young man needs two pairs of pants, one to work in and one to wear when not working. simple. If the pants drop low in any way at all the belt that should be worn to hold them up can be used on the exposed rear end. Simple

Shirts, a few for hot weather and a few for cold weather. simple.

A few funny sayings shirts, nothing vulger or drug related.

Keep shoes clean and no holes in socks ( low class )

Hats should be ball caps and worn in a normal way, not crooked or sideways. Backwards is acceptable, especially when working on something or trying to look a little extra cool to impress a girl.

If I left anything out that you want me to explain, make a comment below and I will add it here.

Final thought, if you look like a girl and you smell like a girl – than your being a girl – knock it off and be a Man!


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