What is this all about?

Dads are Cool because we are! Dads have the Best Job in the World – Being Dad!

I speak from experience. I am a Dad of Five, three boys and two girls. The best group of kids God ever blessed a man with (my humble opinion) As my old Pastor used to say ” Happy is the man whose quiver is full”

Right now the world seems to hate Dads, look at how we are portrayed in the TV and Movies. Newspapers and Bestselling Novels, it all goes against us, that’s OK.

We know who is right and we know what is best, just ask us and we’ll tell you.

We always have advice and a wise saying that you think is stupid until you get older, then you understand.

This site is a collection of the wisdom and information I have collected as a father and grandfather and from fellow Dads everywhere.

Stories, pictures and video’s. Instructions, Menus and Plans. Anything and Everything that you need to know, should have known or wished you never heard about.

Being a Dad is acting like we know it all, because we need too!

If you have a item of any kind about Dads that you want to share, please send it. You can share the wisdom of your a Dad, all Dads are welcome to contact as well.

Email = dadzrcool@gmail.com or Send a comment at the bottom of this page.


Site Wide Disclaimer – All views expressed here on these pages are mine or endorsed by me and are not shared by all readers, but I figure if you give it enough time you’ll come around to the way I see things.

I do not intend to be insulting or degrading even though some may take things that way. In which case if you are then my job is done and you can leave. Just remember when things are all said and done and you look back on your life and I look back on mine, I’ll be the one smiling 😀

There is no guaranty that the information contained on these pages to be correct or true, except I wouldn’t put it here if it wasn’t. So there you go…

Finally I am no English major and I don’t type so if you find a grammar/spelling/context error keep it to yourself and figure out what I was trying to say.

Have a Great Day;

Aloha Pa;

or in real life – Vincent Bocchieri

I live in Hawaii with my family of Five Children, One Son in law and to Two grand children. I am 53 years Young and I refuse to grow old.

My Grandsons started calling me Pa and it stuck. Since I live in Hawaii I have become Aloha Pa…

My Wife of 32 years of marriage, Denise was my High School Sweetheart and I married her right after graduation. She is the Love of my life and I couldn’t image living with out her.

We go to a local southern baptist church and love Serving the Lord!

Life is great and yet this world is a challenge everyday to live in.

Being a Dad makes it worth it -AP



last updated 10/30/2016

Just wanted to add a picture from the Harvest Festival at Church 2016;






A knight and his Queen!


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